Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is something we hear often as this cool “new” technology that can take us to different places and worlds. The use of this technology has recently became more mainstream with the likes of Samsung and PlayStation integrating it into their current devices through Samsung Gear and PSVR. Its Read more…

By Chris Lawlor, ago

Building Custom Alexa Commands

In previous blog posts we have talked a lot about voice strategies and the rise of home assistants so we thought it would be good to go in-depth about what’s involved in developing custom Alexa skills. Although this particular blog post is more targeted at software developers, it will also Read more…

By Chris Lawlor, ago

Being Chosen as a “Rising Star”

Being a Managing Director of a startup company comes with a lot of responsibilities, these include: Administration and Tax Building and Maintaining Client Relationships Business Growth Acquiring Investment Employing Skilled Individuals Project Manage Building Great Products … and hopefully as a result, Generate Revenue. When an opportunity presents itself, I Read more…

By Chris Lawlor, ago
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