Founded in 2017, Lawlor Technologies is an innovative business aimed at helping improve public sector services through the use of mobile apps and modernising the way we do things, to save resources, time and in turn costs. Out with our B2B services, we also build consumer apps for clients who have the next great idea. Our competitive prices attract clients as well as our 30% discount for entrepreneurs. Check out our app calculator to get a estimate of how much an app will cost.

Graduating from the University of Strathclyde in June 2016 with a Computer Science degree, Chris Lawlor has been continuing to develop an app he built in his final year to help young adults achieve employment, called Yep Career. Believing that the app has both market and life-changing potential, he created this business in order to front the app with room to develop more in the future. Since then Lawlor Technologies and Yep Career now work as 2 separate entities. Visit the Yep Career website to find out more.

Chris Lawlor – Managing Director

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