Mobile apps are used day to day by businesses to help them save time on tasks whether that be by eradicating paper based systems or automating tasks. In a world where technology is at the forefront of our lives, it would only make sense for Santa to have a mobile app too.


GPS Tracking

A tablet built into the sleigh would allow Santa to get from A to B with GPS technology and a flight radar to avoid other aircrafts. With Google Maps integration, Santa would be able to view the fastest route to the next building on foot using a remote device with the app installed onto it. In this case, the app would have offline capability incase he can’t get a signal!

The Nice List

Letters from Santa would be digitised and be available on the app with details marked against them such as the recipient’s address and what gifts they requested. This would allow for a smoother journey and would mean a 1,000 ft piece of paper wouldn’t be required. Doing this it will be easier to find a particular person, sort and filter the list, and search for keywords. Artificial Intelligence would check the list twice.

Remaining Houses

While being super efficient and time saving, the app would also feed back data to Santa such as how many houses are remaining and which countries have been completed. Using the devices location, it would be able to record which houses the sleigh it has been to to track this.


Using data from each journey, they would be able to gain valuable insights into:

  • creating smarter routes to save time next year
  • recording how much time is spent at each house
  • naughty or nice list end of year statistics
  • error tracking

At this point Santa is worried his job by be taken by Artificial Intelligence in the future.

With all this been said, GDPR will be all over this.

Now that Santa has a mobile app, do you think a mobile app could improve efficiency in your company? At Lawlor Technologies we build mobile apps for enterprises and consumers.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and we will see you in 2019!

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Chris Lawlor

Founder and Managing Director at Lawlor Technologies.

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