One of the most valuable things to people is time. It is limited and we only have so many hours in the day. As a result people are now turning to podcasts and audiobooks as a form of multitasking. You can go for your morning jog and listen to the news on your phone at the same time, as apposed to going for a jog then reading the newspaper afterwards, you are halving the time spent on those tasks. Technology not only allows us to multitask but as a result gives us the ability to delegate more of our free time to other things.

Such benefits are not just suitable for our personal life, but also our work life. It’s no secret that time is money when it comes to company time.

Paper, Digital and Automation

Many companies have made the conversion from paper to digital in terms of filling out forms and automating tasks. Digital systems can allow us to easily export this data into documents such as word and excel, then email it on to colleagues or clients.

This process saves time by:

  • Reducing photocopying
  • Reducing use of paper
  • Reducing use of printer ink
  • Automated export of data instead of manually conversion through typing

Day-to-Day Tasks

One of the advantages of having an app on your phone is the ability to use it anywhere, even when the user has no signal (offline capability).  As part of day-to-day tasks, some businesses require employees going to visit a job on-site and recording information on their app.  By instantly carrying out calculations on the app without the user doing it not only saves time but also reduces the chance of human error. Moreover this data can be sent back to their HQ office in real-time to review.


The great thing about having a digital system is the ability to turn that data into useful analytics. Let’s say for example user’s are purchasing your products from an app. Using this data you will be able to produce analytics on:

  • most popular/unpopular items this month
    • pinpoint and adjust marketing strategy
  • peak times for logged in users etc.
    • know when there is going to be more/less traffic and manage discounts appropriately
  • and so on …

A company’s internal application’s data could produce analytics on:

  • time spend on specific tasks
    • view how long a task takes on average and look a ways to improve that
  • common and recurring issues recorded
    • brings light to issues that may have been overlooked
  • and so on …

This can be displayed either through visual representation (pie charts, bar charts, etc.), or simply state useful figures and insights.

Time Tracking

Putting timestamps against each database entry allows companies to track time spent on tasks and plotting that against resource costs. Depending on the type of data being tracked, it can offer a great insight for project managers to more accurately pinpoint any problems that may arise.


At Lawlor Technologies we specialise in developing enterprise apps for businesses to . We develop apps to save companies costs in the short and long term. You can get an instant estimate of how many an enterprise app will cost using our app cost calculator. You can then get an idea of the costs you will save each year by having an application to streamline and automate daily tasks.

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