An entrepreneur is an individual who takes on financial risks in hopes of generating revenue and maybe change the word in the process. Well-known entrepreneurs include the likes of Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Any of these guys will tell you that entrepreneurship can be a tough struggle. It’s a career choice that’s isn’t guaranteed income. It is entrepreneurs who shape the world of tomorrow, and that is why we are supporting them in various ways.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I know the struggles associated with it. As part of Lawlor Technologies, I deal with entrepreneurs like myself regularly who have app ideas they want to pursue. App development can be expensive and a lot of the time young entrepreneurs simply don’t have the cash flow to support it.

Let’s Start with an Interactive Prototype

So what is an Interactive prototype? Well it looks and feels like an app, but is not an app. We design all your screens, create links to each screen and packaging it as a website.

Interactive Prototypes can help entrepreneurs in 2 ways:

  1. It can be used to demo your idea to investors. Interactive prototypes can cost anywhere between around £500 and £1,500, depending on how big the app is. Moreover we offer a 30% discount on this for entrepreneurs so it’s something to take advantage of. You can calculate the cost of your Interactive Prototype here.
  2. Gain a better understanding of how the app will look and how it will flow, before starting any development work. If you want to completely change the app features half way through development, it could be an extra cost therefore interactive prototypes are highly recommended to all our clients before we start development work.

Secured funds?

It’s time to turn that prototype into a reality. Again, we offer a 30% discounts for entrepreneurs for app development as developer rates can be costly for startups. We work with you on your app, suggesting cost-effective solutions and providing high quality development.


Each year we run our ‘Outstanding App Idea’ competition, allowing entrepreneurs to enter their idea for a chance to win a free interactive prototype. Here is our 2018 winners ActiGo:


Chris Lawlor

Founder and Managing Director at Lawlor Technologies.

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